About the Company

Language Experts Group was established ten years ago for the purpose of providing reliable, tailor-made localization solutions for multinational manufacturers. Our attention to quality and detail helped us to break into the Japanese market – a market that is famous for its high demands. We are proud that the biggest share of our revenue comes from Japanese partners. We owe our continuing business success to our insistence on quality. Ten years later we are still specializing in B2B multi-language services and we have expanded our complex range of services by printing and packaging the documents we translate.

Our headquarters are in Budapest. In January 2016 we opened our first branch office in Tokyo in order to be able to provide full-time and immediate contact for our Japanese customers and partners.

Company message

kovacsgyorgyA lot has changed since we first appeared on the market for we have been exceedingly persistent in our growth and evolution. There is one thing however, that has not changed – we still select our colleagues and vendors from the very best. Since our early days we have been present on the Japanese market, thanks to our operational model which easily fits the Japanese business culture. We have learnt so much from our business partners in the last 10 years. Now, we are using this experience so that we can bring our procedures to perfection.

We are grateful to our Japanese partners and vendors for their continuing support, trust and interest in our services, because all of this enabled us to open the doors of our first branch office in Tokyo. Please feel free to contact our representatives in case you need anything.


György Kovács